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The fashionable Tropic'l Blinds Louvre Shutters are beautiful, practical and economical with strength to last a lifetime.

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The economy of design, simplicity of construction and ease of installation make Tropic'l Blinds Louvre Shutters a more efficient and less expensive way to solve your weather protection and climate control difficulties.

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  • Protection from heat and sun
  • Insulates during winter months
  • Controls light, ventilation and privacy
  • Custom-made to suit all shapes and styles of windows and doorways
  • Wide range of UV resistant paint colours and stains
  • Traditional timber tilt rod or stainless steel concealed tilt rod
  • Aerofoil shaped blades for more efficiency and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
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A Tropic'l Blinds consultant is able to guide you in the complete range of options available.

  • Standard pitch
  • Closed pitch
  • Adjustable pitch
  • Control of shutters mounted internally