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Canvas Awnings

  • Avoid rolling up the canvas when wet
  • Roll up your awning in windy or stormy weather
  • If your awning does get wet, roll out fully to dry as soon as possible
  • Do not allow dirt, leaf litter, bird droppings to remain on the canvas
  • Hose the canvas on a hot day to remove any dust and grime
  • Occasionally extend the awning fully down to even out the material
  • Recoat annually with a water repellant treatment
  • Some shrinkage over time is normal as canvas contains cotton

Pitch Control Awnings

  • Retract awning in strong winds heavy rain
  • Only pitch awning when extended half way making sure the awning is level
  • Always clean hardware of awning to prevent corrosion
  • Spray joints and all working pars with a anti-corrosive, lubricant spray
  • For electronic awnings with a sun and wind sensor, always check that wind sensor is clear of all debris and able to rotate freely
  • Protect motors with a box or cassette
  • Clean fabric regularly - pitch awning to 45 degrees and hose surface. Refer to cleaning instructions below


Fabric Awnings

  • Avoid rolling up the awning when wet.
  • Roll up your awning in windy or stormy weather.
  • If your awning does get wet, roll out fully to dry as soon as possible.
  • Avoid pools of water laying on the fabric.
  • Do not allow dirt, dust, grime, leaf litter and bird matter to remain on the fabric.
  • Cleaning should be done by lightly sponging with warm water and a mild natural soap, rinse thoroughly to remove soap.
  • Hosing the fabric occasionally on a hot day is also beneficial to the appearance of the fabric.
  • Do not scrub the fabric.
  • Do not use soap powder, concentrated doaps, detergents or cleaning fluids.
  • Recoat with water repellant treatment at least every 12 months.
  • Should mildew spots develop on the fabric refer to cleaning instructions below.


Cleaning Instructions

  • Brush with soft broom regularly to remove any dust.
  • Wash monthly with one part white king to four parts water.
  • Never roll up awnings whilst wet - allow time to dry completely




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